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About Honeybear Prints
In my not-so-past life I have spent the last 13 years working with seniors in nursing homes. From these amazing people I have learned to enjoy life to the fullest, moment by moment, and the power of laughter, beauty and creativity in the healing process.

I feel incredibly honored when someone chooses my art, whether it be a notecard, or a framed photograph, to grace their home. My greatest blessing comes from sharing these images; sharing the delight and beauty they bring to others in the world. We are all hungry for beauty in our lives. It is my hope that these images feed your soul and bring you great joy.

Beth shares a home in Redwood City, CA with her Honeybear, Kraig, and their sweet dog Kali. Her other interests include being a beach bum, traveling and bowling.

Beth Mostovoy
Honeybear Prints


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