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New Orleans
Katrina Benefit

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New Orleans Katrina Benefit



New Orleans

New Orleans

In June, 2006 we went to New Orleans. Ten months after the wrath of Katrina.  These are images I shot, mostly in the Ninth Ward. It looked like something you would see in the war zone of Iraq, and surely not in America.  Tears fell and my heart ached for those many souls whose lives were destroyed in the devastating flood.

The crime is that these sights were still there ten months after the horrific event.  Streets were deserted.  Broken homes and dreams abounded along with wrecked cars, and boats strewn about like toys.  Trash and debris were everywhere, but no people, no urgency.  Just a sunny day, with blue skies, and empty empty lots, where people had once lived and laughed and made lives for themselves. It seemed like New Orleans had been forgotten, forsaken.  In my heart, I knew we could do better, HAD to do better. 

To me, being an American means you stand for something, that you help your neighbor, that you do the right thing.   Standing there that day, feeling shocked, overwhelmed, helpless, and very angry, I resolved that I had to step up and get involved.   

What I have to offer is my photography.  I went through my images and put together two collections of nine photos.  The first is the “Doors of New Orleans Collection” and is comprised of the grand old doors adorning the Garden District, as well as the French Quarter.  The second, “Iron Work of New Orleans” captures the gorgeous wrought iron balconies and gates that are synonymous with the Crescent City.  They are both a reminder of all that is the best and most wonderful in this unique and amazing city, and what we are trying to save and to rebuild.   As one woman told me, “ We need to work together to help people reclaim their lives, their homes, their city.”  Amen to that.

These images will be available to order matted individually in a variety of sizes, in Collections of Nine, or Three, and as cards.  I will donate a percentage of every sale to the relief efforts.

I strongly urge you to participate in this worthy cause, as the need is dire.  Not only will your generosity help those in need, but you will receive a beautiful collection of New Orleans photos as my way of saying “thank you.”  We CAN make a difference!  Please, open your heart, reach across the miles and spread some love and hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Beth Mostovoy

Special thanks to David Anderson for his great photographing the New Orleans Artwork. You can contact David at dwa3708@comcast.net or 650-298-9296.

Price List

Doors Of New Orleans 9
Doors Of New Orleans 3
Iron Work of New Orleans 9
Iron Work of New Orleans 3

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To order, please contact:  Beth Mostovoy, Honeybear Prints
Email:  mostovoy@honeybearprints.com
Phone:  650-369-5607

Where the Money Goes....

The sales of the New Orleans work were good, and I wanted to share with you that I donated $250 to two New Orleans charities in 2006. One, the NHP Foundation (www.nhpfoundation.org is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to provide quality housing units to low to moderate income families displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Building is happening now, and some units will be available to move in by May 2007. They have been a presence in this area and are spending $300 million to make this happen. The second organization is the New Orleans Food and Farm Network (http://www.noffn.org/) , whose goal is to create “sustainable growing practices and ensure equal access to safe, nutritious and enjoyable food. The NOLA food map project was created to help show residents in the devastated areas where to find food: from grocery stores, and farmer’s markets, to restaurants and emergency kitchens. The maps are created, updated and distributed/posted free of charge in hopes of rebuilding the local food system neighborhood by neighborhood.

I felt that both of these organizations were especially worthy, had a local presence, were heavily involved and taking action in the rebuilding process. We take a lot for granted in our lives, and after seeing the devastation first hand, I am proud to donate money to help provide food and housing - the building blocks to bringing back the people and the city. Thanks to all of you who made this possible, and thanks in advance for those who will support this worthy cause in 2007. You can view the art work I have created on my website or contact me directly – anytime!



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