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Honeybear Prints
Photography by Beth Mostovoy
2008 Schedule

Stay tuned, as shows will be added as we go.  FYI, I am not doing Arnold, the Pumpkin or Fremont this year, and will do less of the mass street shows in general in favor of gatherings in a more intimate setting, which allows me to have better interaction with you, and allows you a more relaxed and interesting atmosphere in which to enjoy the photography. #Just added.

September 19 - 20 (Friday Night/Saturday) - Art on the Square, Redwood City(w/RWC Salsa Festival)

#October 11-12 – San Carlos Art & Wine, San Carlos

#November 1-2, 8-9 –Johnston House, Half Moon Bay

#November 9 – commuknity Breast Cancer Fund Raiser & Boutique, San Jose

#November 14-16 – Gifts ‘n Tyme Holiday Faire, Napa

#November 29 – 30 –Celebration of Craftswomen, San Francisco

#December 6-7 – Honeybear Prints Holiday Open Studio – a Redwood City Tradition!

On A Personal Note
The hardest part of 2005 for me was the loss of two wonderful and amazing people Terry McManus and Peter Morton.  Both made incredible contributions in the world, both touched the lives of everyone they met, and both died much too young. That each passing came so suddenly was a huge shock, overwhelming me and leaving me bereft.  My dark Muse emerged, creating several raw poems after Peter¹s death, and then faded back into darkness.  In this space of pain and doubt, there was, for me, an affirmation of the many, many blessings in my life:  my beloved Honeybear, and my family and friends who provide tremendous support and presence in my life.  Amazing how much love and despair, joy and tears one can experience...

My dad turned 70 last year; one of those milestones.  Altho we live on opposite coasts, my life is tightly intertwined with my parents.  As some of you know, my folks come out for 4-6 weeks every year to escape the East Coast winter, and to hang out.  This involves helping me get ready for the new show season, and sharing in my life here meeting my friends, relaxing on the new deck, going out for lunch or dinner just spending time.  The reaction of most people seems to border on disbelief or shock that they stay with us and stay that long.  That is so sad to me.  For us, it is the most wonderful blessing in the world precious time together!  Hearts break when someone leaves.  We are all healthy, and lead good lives.  The lesson is to remember these moments, these blessings, and to acknowledge and to give thanks every day.

So I continue on this path with my life and with my photography.  The feeling of the great need for art, for images that offer solace, beauty, peace, and good memories is much stronger.  My own pain and struggles this year are a microcosm and reflection of the world in which we live and the events that threaten us all with darkness and despair.  It is all I know and all I can do capture a timeless moment and offer this image, this sliver of light, of love, of possibilities and promise for another tomorrow up to you and to the world.  And too, to pray, and to hug, and to seek solace on a beach as much as possible.  Please, will you share this journey with me?  

Thanks to one and all for your support of my journey and my art.  I could not do this without you.
Blessings and Peace to all,


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How sweet it is! Join the Honeybear Army (Of Love) by purchasing the brand new HBP T-shirt or Sweatshirt. All shirts are 100% cotton, stonewashed, pre-shrunk and blue. My signature Honeybear Prints shot is permanently embossed on the front with my logo and bear claw underneath. This biased reporter says they look "fabulous" and are a "real fashion statement made by anybody who's somebody." Or EVERYBODY for that matter. Available in M, L, XL and 2X. Don't delay,order yours TODAY! T-shirts $20, Sweatshirts $30. Add $5.00 shipping/handling for mail orders only (1-2 shirts; call for prices on bigger orders).

Beth Mostovoy
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