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New Orleans
Katrina Benefit

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Taking pictures has been a passion of mine for many years. Beauty is inherent in the world around us if we are open to seeing it. Although the majority of my work reflects my attraction to nature, to flowers, to places, I believe in the power of the image and the power of my vision. Beauty results from capturing the ordinary and transforming it into the extra-ordinary.

Notecards: Notecards can be sold individually or in sets or series of six. Below are series I have put together from the many greeting cards I sell. I have also picked out ten of my favorite cards for your consideration.

Frameable Art: A newer venture this last year has been for me to mat and frame my photos. There have been a number of requests to do this and I have felt honored that people want my art on the walls in their home. Be on the lookout for several framed works available for purchase in the near future. If you have any requests for cards you'd like to see or have matted or framed, please let me know.

Beth Mostovoy
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